by Damien Patrick Murphy

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Written in response to the successive storms that hit the west coast of Ireland in the winter of 2013/4.


The sky is gathering dark.
The wind is driving in hard, once again.
Rain is thundering down,
Heavy drops cleaving earth into floods once again.

How often can lightning strike me?
Storm after storm comes barreling in,
Sure as the waves at the foot of the cliff
Will erode me away in the end...

The dark is obscuring my mind -
That old hopelessness closing in on me once again.
I swore I would leave it behind
But the night's always there when the day comes to its end...

No, I can't see a way out of the storm...
But I'll weather it.

Keep my eyes open into the dark
To catch lightning striking again.
Flash of clarity, light up my mind,
Burn into the back of my eye,
So I'll never forget

That I'm facing into the storm
Sure as night follows day,
Sure as the waves on the sand,
Sure as lightning will strike me again.
It will strike me again...

But I'll weather it, I will weather it,
I will weather the storm.


released November 17, 2014
Words and music by DP Murphy

Recorded February 2014




Damien Patrick Murphy Dublin, Ireland

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